When my husband and I started a children’s theatre group 27 years ago, there weren’t many places to go for advice. We tried a lot of different things; some worked, some didn’t. We’d like to share with you what we’ve learned through the years and hope that our suggestions will help you and encourage you along the way. 

We believe young people need theatre in their lives and that all kids should have a chance to experience being on the stage. Our purpose is to give anyone dreaming of creating a theatre group for young people a place to go for suggestions, advice and support. We also welcome your thoughts and questions.


  1. Where To Begin
  2. What To Name Your Group
  3. How To Choose a Director*
  4. How To Choose a Show
  5. Some Suggestions for Youth Musicals
  6. Auditioning Kids
  7. How To Direct Kids
  8. Rehearsing With Kids
  9. Basic Tips for Young Actors
  10. Basic Tips for Young Singers
  11. Advice To Young Actors on How To Get a Better Role
  12. Costumes and Costumers
  13. The Meaning of Colors on Stage
  14. General Costumer Hints
  15. Building Sets and Props
  16. Teaching the Importance of Correct Phrasing
  17. Parent Participation
  18. A Good Stage Manager Is Better Than Gold
  19. Stage Makeup and Hair
  20. The Cast Party
  21. Managing Props for Your Theatrical Production
  22. Sound Systems
  23. Advertising Your Show
  24. The ‘Everything’ Dress

Mary in rehearsal