The Meaning of Colors Onstage

 Colors on stage have come to have meanings. You can see this in Disney cartoons and in Broadway musicals. It is subconscious. The audience interprets the colors without realizing it. Here are some basic concepts:

BLUE is the color of the hero. It signifies bravery, loyalty, and goodness.

BLACK is the color of evil intentions, secrecy, mystery, sadness.

RED is the color of anger, hot temper, feisty, flashy, high rank, royalty.

PURPLE is the color for royals, upper class, or flashy, ostentatious people.

YELLOW is child-like, bubbly personality, attention-catching.

GREEN/BROWN signifies down-to-earth, simple. Emerald green can be used for royals, high rank.

GOLD signifies wealth, royalty.

WHITE can mean angelic, pure. Under bright light, white stands out a lot, thus anyone who wears it will stand out on stage.

ORANGE is clownish, childish, low class.

BEIGE can be used for background roles or for poverty.

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