Some Suggestions for Youth Musicals

Below is a list of musicals available at Spotlight Musicals. All Spotlight Musicals are two acts, roughly 90 minutes total run. There are many speaking roles and songs that are singable by amateurs of various ages. Best of all, our musicals are fun to perform and affordable to put on.


These shows have a minimum of 20 speaking roles with doubling, or up to 30 speaking roles with optional chorus roles.

Dude Ranch, where the city slickers meet up with the local “kickers” and comedy ensues.

Rock and Roll Heroes, A Fifties Musical, takes place in the days of poodle skirts, bobby socks, motorcycles and ducktails.

Lost at Sea — A small cruise ship that is shipwrecked on a tiny island in the Pacific, where the crazy passengers encounter the even nuttier natives

Aladdin — This is a new version of an ancient story, told in a light, romantic comedy.

The Gypsy King is about a band of Old World Gypsies who have come to inform a young American man that he is their new king.


These shows have a minimum of 25 speaking roles with doubling, or up to 35 speaking roles with 10 or more chorus roles.

The Last Leprechaun on earth is rescued by a young American girl visiting her relatives in Ireland.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian is the classic story of the legendary couple, with jesters, troubadours, villains and intrigues. 

The Mystery of the Midnight Dancers is a Grimm’s fairy tale about an overprotective father and a young soldier who discovers a magical secret.

Vaudeville is a Roaring Twenties musical, with mobsters, hoofers, crooners, flappers and great tunes!

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a musical based on Shakespeare’s comedy about four young people caught up in a quarrel between the Fairy Queen and King.

Pied Piper is a classical tale with a few new twists!

The Sword in the Stone is a musical adaptation about Merlin the Magician and Queen Mab’s battle over young Arthur — who will become the legendary King of England.


These shows have a minimum of 30 speaking roles with doubling, or up to 40 speaking roles plus chorus roles of any size.

The Dream Machine is a rockin’ musical about four kids who meet an eccentric inventor who has a machine that makes dreams come true.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King is an award-winning Christmas musical based on the melodies of the Tchaikovsky ballet.

Alice in Wonderland is a contemporary adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” books.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is about the renowned 1883 touring show featuring such famous western heroes as Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull.

Invaders from the Purple Planet is a message of tolerance and kindness set in a hilarious sci-fi musical with purple aliens that sing and dance!

The Wizard of Oz (a modernized version) is a new version of the classic story featuring rock and roll songs and strong female characters.